Spa Services We Offer

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a great way to help you relax, rejuvenate and heal tensions of everyday life. There are also many positive benefits such as: improved circulations, increased joint flexibility, lessens anxiety and enhances immunity.

Skin Care

Facial Treatments are necessary to keep your face looking vibrant and healthy. It helps to keep your pores clean, restore circulation, removes dead skin cells and toxins found in your everyday environment.

Nail Care

Manicures and pedicures not only make your nails look fantastic but it is also a great way to get relaxed and pampered! Taking care of your nails helps remove the dead skin cells and keeps your skin healthy.

Instant Stress Relief

This revolutionary deep muscle treatment uses rapid, repetitive strokes to release muscle tension and increase blood and lymphatic flow while addressing specific areas of discomfort. It helps with muscle fatigue, pain, tightness, soreness,Β  knots and makes your massage more effective.

Special Offers


Bachelorette or Bridal Party

Try a relaxing new twist to shower special attention on your bridal party or treat your dear friends to a Spa extravaganza! Parties booking 6 or more people will qualify for an extra discount.


Corporate Outing

Show appreciation and reward your valuable employees, either with a gift certificate or by hosting a corporate outing. Also be sure to remember your favorite clients and build stronger relationships by acknowledging their patronage.

Club Special!
60 minute massage session

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