The best foundation you can wear is a glowing healthy skin. This month we have added an excellent addition to our European Facial to help achieve this…the Gold Bio-Collagen Facial Mask. This mask is formulated with pure gold, natural bio-ingredients to help deliver a more define, younger, and glowing look. It also stimulates cellular regrowth at a basal layer to improve skin elasticity, thus reducing the appearance of premature aging. Some other benefits of this mask include:

          Instant lifting and firming

          Moisturizes and rehydrates

          Whitens and illuminates

          Enhances face slimming and sculpting

          Activates cellular regeneration

Take advantage of our European Facial and Bio-Collagen mask treatment for only $59.99!

Schedule your appointment today or visit any one of our locations to purchase a gift certificate before this deal ends.

** Offer valid until 11/30/2018