This new season deserves a sweet deal, and we have one just for you.

We are now selling GM Collin’s newest and improved line of facial masks. The best part is that these masks are designed to be mixed and matched. Since everyone has a different complexion, each mask can be applied to fulfill a specific result. Each mask is compatible with all skin types. For example, some people are more oily on the T-Zone area and would benefit from the Pure Mask to be applied just on the nose and chin area, but need more hydration for the remaining skin and would benefit from the Aqua mask.

Glow Mask: Formulated with camu camu extract and vitamins. Provides a radiant glow to the skin.

Aqua Mask: Infused with essential minerals from the Polynesian water microorganisms. A powerful moisturizer that is great for dehydrated skin.

Pure Mask: Formulated with super berries, source of powerful antioxidants. Absorbs excess sebum without drying the skin and is a great pore minimizer.

Charcoal Mask: Formulated with bamboo charcoal. Leaves the skin feeling soft and comfortable, thanks to its texture that does not dry out, but remains moist.

Each mask is priced at $48, however, if you purchase TWO at the same time – they will be $40 each.